Providing Insightful Retirement Planning


An Alternative Solution

Don’t currently have a company retirement plan set up but are limited on time and resources to spend on getting started?

Are you interested in a ready-to-go 401(k) plan design that is easy-to-understand?

Concerned about the costs of the set-up and administration of a retirement plan?

Are you required to register your business for a state-run retirement program, but prefer an alternative?

Let us help you think “inside the box” and explore if 401(k)Fit is the plan option for you and your business. We’ve distilled our industry-knowledge and experience into a simplified 401(k) plan with a preset design to minimize compliance burdens, administration costs, and so much more!


Start-up Plans Only
Less Than 50 Employees on Payroll
Preset Plan Design
Safe Harbor Required
Lower Plan Costs
Calendar Year-End Only
Streamlined & Accelerated Set-up

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